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"Are You Someone Who Just Been Let Down By Their Previous Hairdresser?" or "Are You Someone Who Just Had The Worst Hair-Salon Experience And Looking For A Better One?" "We know how you feel. To be one of Tony's many satisfied clients and to find out how Tony Zreik can be the new hairdressers you're looking for... read below to see what others had to say about Tony Zreik and call now on 0207 431 1818"


Please NOTE: For ladies hair-colour/cut & style, over-the-phone consultations cannot be given, as they can be inaccurate for so many reasons. Therefore, we strongly advise that you visit Tony Zreik salon for a more accurate assessment of pricing and time required.

Thank you for your co-operations. 

From everyone at Tony Zreik, We would like to thank all of our clients who took the time to rate us, ours is truly a business whose future  depends on the satisfaction of our clients.

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  Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you at Tony Zreik Salon very soon. 


rated us 5 out of 5! I have curly hair, that from my experience not all hairdressers know how to handle. Tony cut it quickly and easily (at least that's how it felt) and I was very happy with the result. in addition to this, the salon is really unique and beautiful and everyone was very nice. Really glad to have found Tony. 


rated us 5 out of 5! Edgy haircut in an art gallery turned to a salon! Or vice versa? Definitely an experience to remember!

Upon entering the salon, you will be greeted with a smile by the manager and offered a cup of tea or coffee in a vintage cup. After taking the first sips, your stylist will take over and begin the consultation. For me it was Silviya.

The consultation is the most important part of the appointment and determines what the outcome will be. She asked about how often I cut my hair, what products I use and what my hair-heros are. Having the hairdresser asking to see pictures of the 'idols' herself rather than you trying to show them is a huge step ahead for me. Kudos for that! After my talking, Silviya took over and explained her intentions and why her decision of style would benefit my daily routine and match my hair texture.
She clearly nailed it today!

After a relaxing wash in the sink, Silviya literally took more than an hour on my head. She was cutting my hair confidently, with attention to detail. In between snips she was showing me the back and asking permission to keep on shortening it. It was clear from the beginning, but now confirmed. She LISTENS!!!!
A very rare and precious trait that the majority of the hairstylists do not have.

As for the price? Silviya is a Junior Stylist at the salon and her service costs £30. Absolutely value for money!

*Don't forget! If you enjoy your experience as I did, please tip accordingly. I don't really get the tipping culture in the UK, but all I know is as simple as this: you enjoy, you tip!

- A unisex salon. True to their title, they master short hair.
- Excellent coffee and customer service! It really matters.
- Immediate online booking and availability.
- No product shortage. Silviya was very generous with her conditioner and styling product usage.
- Nice conversation! Not your usual tabloid-chat, which is remarkably unusual for salons! Kudos to Silviya for that!
- Affordable prices. And this comes from a postgraduate student!

*Nothing yet.*

Hell yeah!!!
I can't wait for my next appointment!


rated us 5 out of 5! Reasons why I have been a client at this salon for nearly 5 years now: the atmosphere is relaxed, the team have a pleasant and helpful attitude, there is an interesting and original decor to the venue.


rated us 5 out of 5! loved the whole experience! I've never left the hairdresser feeling so happy before in my life! Tony is amazing at what he does and all the girls are so lovely!


rated us 5 out of 5! This is the only trans-friendly hairdressing salon I am aware of in the Swiss Cottage area. Lovely staff with high level of skills. Non-judgmental and eager to please their customers. Very highly recommended.


rated us 5 out of 5! Great as always! Wonderful people and atmosphere! Tony understand my needs perfectly and every time I visit salon I am coming back home happy:) As a mummy I know it is stressful to even think about going to hairdresser with a baby, especially very energetic, but at Tony's thats always work;)!


rated us 5 out of 5! Traveled from Cambridge yesterday to have my hair cut by Lena and, as always, I am so pleased with the results. Well worth the trip. I always leave Tony Zreik feeling great and would highly recommend this salon to anyone.


rated us 5 out of 5! I always have a wonderful and personalized experience at Tony Zreik's salon. Lena is a brilliant and talented stylist and looks after my individual needs. I highly recommend their services.


rated us 5 out of 5! Staff is amazing and does suggest great stuff about hair, One of the best hair dresser I have met till date. I have just walked in one day and I am sure I will now be a regular client. Thanks!


rated us 5 out of 5! This place is a blast due to the excellent personalities of the staff. Tony's got a deliciously zany sense of humour and I really enjoy his patter whilst I'm having my haircut. I super-like this place.